For Bitcoin, January was the best since 2013 in terms of price rise. Measuring CoinLoan progress in the number of our users, we can call this January the best since 2013 too. 😉

The month included some multilingual interfaces, further predictions, further plans, partnerships, and security updates. Here's our guide to CoinLoan’s highlights of the month.

Finally on CoinMarketCap

January prepared a pleasant surprise for all of us. At the end of the month, CoinLoan arrived in the CoinMarketCap’s list of financial services.

CoinLoan Platform Translated Into German

CoinLoan becomes a polyglot to make the user experience more pleasant and more productive. The platform now interacts with German-speaking users in their language.

Follow the link to learn how to change your language preferences.

Take Our Quiz: What's Your Lucky Asset?

No one disputes the necessity of knowledge and skills for financial success, but a pinch of good luck would be nice too.

Test your cosmic fortune and find your lucky asset. Play the quiz, and don't forget to share your results.

New Year Resolutions Goals

When the new year rolls around, you want to begin on the right foot. Today we present CoinLoan’s seven main goals for 2020. Stay tuned, in 12 months we’ll traditionally talk about the big picture of the passing year and see if all the resolutions became a reality.

Read the post about our plans.

Partnership With Sumsub

CoinLoan partners with Sumsub, a leading compliance service provider, to build the automated identity verification tools into the CoinLoan platform. The partner's toolkit will make the onboarding process more convenient and reliable for both customers and the CoinLoan team.

Read the full announcement to learn how will KYC working principles change.

Some Advice for Security of Your Sessions

Terminating your session is the easiest way to protect yourself once you step away from your device or share it with other users. Otherwise, any stranger can easily access your account from your device.

We provide some tools to manage your sessions and security. In this post we take a look at how they work.

CoinLoan in Media

Check out our favorite publication of the month by Roxanne Williams.