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For those who prefer simple finance

At some point in our lives, we will all need to meet digital assets face-to-face. We believe it’s inevitable. What should not be inevitable is feeling frustrated by the complexity of the crypto-puzzle.

Developing CoinLoan, we aimed to create one platform to manage your assets. Whatever was difficult to understand and use, we tried to make plain and simple.

For those who like to stay one step ahaed
For those
Who like to stay one step ahead

Consider moving crypto from your wallet to a lending platform, then to an exchange and back, every time you need to drive a trading strategy, for instance. It takes numerous stations with transfers, with each transfer paid from your pocket.

CoinLoan offers a shortcut — all steps can be done inside one platform. It allows our users to react fast and be the first to move when markets do.

For those who want all their tools in one place
For those
Who want all their tools in one place

CoinLoan Interest Account is the place to store idle assets. Use it if you want your crypto to work when you sleep.

With Instant Loans, you can borrow against your crypto in a couple of minutes without paperwork and credit checks. The perfect tool to get cash while holding your asset. Or if you need to exit and enter positions quickly when major news occurs, and prices may react at a moment’s notice.

Crypto Exchange is a convenient place to buy, sell, or swap coins on the go. CoinLoan accepts fiat deposits with Visa/MasterCard, so you can easily buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, etc. in a couple of minutes.

Based in Europe
Working Worldwide
Based in Europe
EU Regulation

CoinLoan is a regulated financial institution licensed under Estonia Financial Authority and operating worldwide. We take care of the complex KYC and AML procedures to assure everything is compliant with European and international regulations.

Based in EuropeRegulated by Estonian Law
Regulated by Estonian Law

We’ve chosen to be regulated by the Estonian Law because this North European country has one of the world’s most crypto-friendly environments.

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Our Roots
CoinLoan's Origins and Founders
CoinLoan Founders

In 2013, Alex Faliushin was forced to sell his bitcoins for about $100.

At the beginning of 2017, BTC was valued at ten times more. There was no way in those days to both save crypto as a long-term investment and unlock its value for urgent needs.

Alex Faliushin and his business partner, Max Sapelov, came up with the idea of using crypto as loan collateral.

CoinLoan logo

In the first half of 2017, Faliushin (as CEO) and Sapelov (as CTO) started to build a team and develop CoinLoan, a platform for loans secured by digital assets. Crypto-backed lending was in its infancy.

A couple of years have passed, and crypto-lending has become a highly-competitive, multi-billion-dollar market.

Our History
Milestones and Highlights
August 2017
Idea of CoinLoan

The idea of CoinLoan is presented for the first time to the public on the Bitcointalk forum.

April 2018
CoinLoan obtains the financial licenses

CoinLoan obtains the required financial licenses.

July 2018
CoinLoan platform goes live

CoinLoan platform goes live.

December 2018
The crypto-exchange service appears on CoinLoan.

The crypto-exchange service appears on CoinLoan.

May 2019
CoinLoan enables Visa and MasterCard payments

CoinLoan enables Visa and MasterCard payments.

June 2019
Loans in crypto are added

Loans in crypto are added to supplement fiat loans.

November 2019
Interest Account service appears.

Interest Account service appears.

December 2019
Instant Loans are introduced.

Instant Loans are introduced.

March 2020
Fiat and stablecoins become collateral

CoinLoan offers fiat-to-crypto loans, with fiat and stablecoins as collateral.

April 2020
CoinLoan mobile app is launched

CoinLoan app for iOS and Androids is launched.