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1 year ago
CoinLoan has been treating me well at all times.
I have never experienced any problems with them and I continue trusting and being with them for the time being. Name a service that gives you 10% on USD holdings. I hold meaningful amounts and this serves as my passive income pocket.
Sven Nuum
1 year ago
CoinLoan saved me - TWICE!
CoinLoan has been a lifesaver for me - TWICE now. First, I was in a position where I needed some extra funds, and they made it very easy for me to get what I needed quickly after providing some crypto collateral. There were there for me in a time of need which I will never forget!
Jason Curella
1 year ago
CoinLoan is not a scam as some people…
CoinLoan is not a scam as some people are saying. I've been using their platform for several years without any issues. They are fully regulated platform. The recent limit of $5k withdraw per day is frustrating but I believe they are trying to protect customers until the crypto market recovers- which I'm sure it will.
Penn Allen
1 year ago
CoinLoan has been excellent
I have used CoinLoan for FIAT earning for around 18 months. Always worked well, reliably, transfers prompt when requested funds back. I have even contacted support a few times who were quick and friendly but also very knowlegable when I asked more complicated questions. For me full marks and one of the best interest rates in the industry.
Jamie NS
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