CoinLoan becomes a polyglot to make the user experience more pleasant and more productive. The platform now interacts with German-speaking users in their own language.

Germany has always been an active market for CoinLoan. Three months ago, we translated our home page into German, and that brought a lot of new people. From the 10th country by the number of users, Germany moved to the third position.

As we translated everything by ourselves, it was a massive effort, supported by nearly every team member in some way.

So What Did We Learn About the German Language?

  • All nouns in German are written with capital letters, and no, it’s not optional.
  • German makes extensive use of compound long words (that rarely fit into standard buttons).
  • The language is full of words that only Germans seem to be able to pronounce. If you’re up to the task, try to read Datenschutzerklärung (it means “privacy policy”).

To change your language preferences, click on the dropdown list in the sidebar, as shown in Figure 1. We welcome any comments from native speakers. Feel free to write in the live chat if you see any imperfections.

Figure 1: Shows how to switch the language
Figure 1: Shows how to switch the language

In the future, we’ll consider additional languages for the CoinLoan Platform. Stay tuned 😉