When the new year rolls around, you want to begin on the right foot. Today we present CoinLoan’s seven main goals for 2020. Stay tuned, in 12 months we’ll traditionally talk about the big picture of the passing year and see if all the resolutions became a reality.

1. XRP, XML, and DASH as Loan Currencies and Collaterals

We committed to continue expanding the list of available coins. Currently, we work with BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, XMR, and our native CoinLoan token. XRP, XML, and DASH are our three immediate objectives for 2020.

Please let us know which other assets you are looking at on CoinLoan. After all, the users' interests are the priority of our choice.

2. Android and iOS Apps

We know that our customers use smartphones more than computers when calling upon CoinLoan services. We made the platform adaptable to mobile, but there's more work to do to fit your mobile lifestyles.

Our next major milestone is to develop apps for both Apple and Android devices for you to be able to perform on smartphones all of the CoinLoan operations, like borrowing, earning on deposits, lending, buying/selling crypto, reviewing your transaction history, etc.

3. SWIFT Payments for Transfers All Around the World

SWIFT is the most popular payment network to transfer money overseas, even though it’s a costly and time-consuming transfer method.

SWIFT payments were present on CoinLoan almost from the start, but now they are temporarily disabled. Our goal is to return SWIFT to the platform to provide users with a more comprehensive choice between multiple payment options.

4. Local Payments for the USA and the UK

In the USA, we are planning to arrange cheap & easy local payments thanks to the automated clearing house (ACH), a system for electronic funds transfers.

In the UK, we expect to provide local transfers in cooperation with Faster Payments Service (FPS), a service that lets UK sterling payments to be made electronically between banks on the same day.

We also plan to integrate payment systems for the Asian market.

5. Withdrawals to Bank Cards

That’s going to be another improvement to our payment methods section.

One of our greatest successes in 2019 was the integration of Visa/MasterCard deposits. They allow you to make speedy and smooth international transfers from your debit or credit card directly. We are going to build on the progress and enable fiat withdrawals via Visa and MasterCard.

6. Improvements to the Platform's Performance and Security

Dozens of small invisible or hardly visible changes happen on CoinLoan every week to simplify CoinLoaners' life. Let's name a few features and settings that hopefully improved your experience of engaging with CoinLoan in 2019. It was the opportunity to see your locked balances, to switch between a grid view and a card view, to keep visible only the currencies you hold in your account. We’ll continue improving in 2020!

7. Higher Maximum LTV Limit

Now our loan-to-value ratio is 70%, making it one of the highest on the market. It's all thanks to CoinLoan's dynamic liquidation system that has withstood the test of volatility during 2019.

We are going to raise the maximum LTV limit even more, while the safety level will remain unchanged. Such an upgrade would enable borrowers to get bigger loans against the same collateral amount.