Sessions and Security: How  to Protect Your Account

CoinLoan adds a new feature designed to ensure security and prevent potential attacks. The feature allows users to monitor all active sessions, and quickly end suspicious ones.

What Is a Session?

A session means a user's visit to a website from the moment a visitor logs in until the logout or auto-termination after a period of inactivity. You can have multiple active sessions if you're signed in to CoinLoan on another device, browser, or location.

Session Security: What You Need to Know

Lock the door behind you! Terminating your session is the easiest way to protect yourself once you step away from your device or share it with other users. Otherwise, any stranger can easily access your account from your device.

CoinLoan supports multiple sessions on the same account; therefore, we provide some tools to manage your sessions and security. Below we take a look at how they work.

Control Panel to Watch and Terminate Your Sessions

To see your active sessions, open Account Settings on a Sessions tab, as shown in Figure 1. On this page, you can see the list of actual sessions along with details of IP addresses, location, and duration of sessions. You can terminate your extra sessions in one click.

We recommend inspecting the page regularly to sign out all other active sessions.

Checkbox to Manage Sessions’ Duration

When logging in, you are offered to tick the Remember Me box, as shown in Figure 2.

Ticking the box, you’ll retain your authentication state and avoid the login process for 2 weeks. If you leave the box blank, the session will end in five minutes after your last activity on the platform. You’ll need to re-login once you navigate away from the site to come back later.

Please note that your session terminates automatically after the change of IP address.