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Borrow crypto, earn yield, and swap digital and fiat assets on CoinLoan.

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    LTV up to 70%

    Apply the best risk strategy that meets your needs.

    No repayment fees

    No early repayment fees, repay your loan anytime.

    Rates starting at 4.5%

    Match competitive loan rates with your goals, contact us for individual terms.

    15 assets to borrow

    Choose fiat or stablecoins you favor most, use various options to manage collateral.

    12.3% APY

    One of the highest yields on both fiat and crypto, no lock-in period on your funds.

    SEPA, SWIFT, and more

    Choose among the most popular payment options, including wire and bank card transfers.

    20 assets to deposit

    Transfer funds from your wallet at ease, start earning on the first day. Not sure what to choose?

    Daily Accruals

    Make profit with your savings: watch them grow, enjoy monthly compound interest.

    Large Amounts

    Deal with large volumes of crypto in one go at a predefined price.

    Best Execution

    Quick response on RFQ, fast order processing, no settlement delays.

    250 Pairs

    Buy, Sell, or Swap crypto, stablecoins, ERC-20 tokens, and fiat currencies.

    1-on-1 Service

    Consult an expert, get individual support anytime, anywhere. Email us