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We provide corporate clients with all the necessary services to swap, borrow, earn, and store digital assets.
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Why Choose CoinLoan?

Financial regulation

CoinLoan is a European company. Our financial activity is compliant with European and international regulations.

User-friendly service

Easy-to-use UI, no credit history check and paperwork, fast and easy fiat deposits, beneficial rates, and 24/7 support make CoinLoan one of the best on the market.


As an institutional client of CoinLoan, you benefit from flexible terms, regulatory compliance, user-centered customization, and API integration.

Safety and security

CoinLoan stores your funds at a certified custodian with insurance coverage. We perform all crypto operations according to Cryptocurrency Security Standard.

Savings | CoinLoan


Integration via API with overall support from our side
High interest rates

Get up to 6% p.a. on crypto and up to 9.2% p.a. on stablecoins.

Various terms

The minimum period is one day, and the maximum is unlimited.

20+ assets to deposit

Transfer funds from your Wallet at ease and start earning on the first day.

API integration

Grow your user base with seamless API integration.



Loans that meet your goals
From 5.5% APR

APR starts from 5.5% for crypto and from 5.95% for stablecoins and fiat. Contact us for individual terms.

Convenient repayments

Repay partially at any time, or make a full early repayment without penalties.

25+ assets to borrow

Choose fiat, crypto or stablecoins you favor most; manage collateral to secure your loan.


CoinLoan is not set in stone. We love to tweak the code and provide our clients with tailor-made solutions they need.

Loans | CoinLoan
OTC desk | CoinLoan

OTC Desk

No additional commission or market slippage
200+ pairs

Buy, sell, or swap crypto, stablecoins, and fiat currencies.

Best execution

Get a quick response on RFQ, fast order processing, and no settlement delays.

Large amounts

Deal with large volumes of crypto in one go at a predefined price.

1-on-1 service

Consult an expert or get individual support anytime and anywhere.



Help Center

Find answers to all your questions about CoinLoan in our Help Center. We have plenty of instructional posts and helpful hints on how to manage assets in a safe and smart way.
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