Sep 21
ULTIMATE list of the best crypto lending platforms 2022
Get to know the key factors to consider any platform
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Sep 17
Ethereum completes its PoS Merge: Industry responds to “historic moment for cryptocurrency market”
‘The Merge’ has been the talk of the town for those in the crypto world for a while, and now it has finally happened. But for those unaware, what does it mean and why are people so excited?
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Aug 29
ETH/USD forecast: The ether price may shake off Fed policy blues after The Merge
What is The Merge all about and will it help boost the ETH/USD price before 2022 comes to an end?
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Aug 10
Investors remain optimistic about crypto market’s future despite meltdown: CoinLoan
A study undertaken by crypto business CoinLoan shows that most investors are still bullish about the cryptocurrency market's future despite the challenges witnessed.
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Jul 31
Who owns the most dogecoins? Biggest whales revealed
Dogecoin (DOGE) is a meme coin pioneer. So, who owns the most dogecoins?
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Jul 22
Crypto lending app CoinLoan completes attack tests from Blaze to enhance security
On June 14, 2022, Blaze launched a 15-day penetration test involving targeted attacks on CoinLoan’s infrastructure.
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Jul 21
Why is Bitcoin going up?
The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has been in freefall for most of 2022, with contagion rocking the cryptocurrency markets alongside broader macro concerns—paired with a tenuous geopolitical climate.
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Jul 6
Crypto faces moment of reckoning
It turns out that crypto is not an independent parallel financial system after all and is closely tethered to the traditional financial system and its recent meltdown will see policy-makers double down on regulating the sector.
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Jun 14
Bitcoin price prediction 2030–2050: Will BTC reach $1m?
As the first cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC) has the biggest market capitalisation in the crypto market, as of 14 June 2022.
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Jun 9
Algorithmic stablecoins: Which tokens are at risk after UST crash?
TerraUSD (UST) stablecoin’s collapse drove cryptocurrency markets into a slump in early May 2022, dragging down bitcoin (BTC) to as low as $25,401 intraday – an 18-month low.
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