As October is already over, it's time to mention all those good things that we implemented throughout the month. In short, the CoinLoan team has developed a completely new product, localized the landing page for Chinese-, German-, and Spanish-speaking users, and made some other amazing updates.

Let’s see all updates of the fruitful October on the CoinLoan platform!

Introduction of Interest Account, a New Product on CoinLoan

Interest Account is a CoinLoan new product that offers the best of the worlds of crypto and traditional banking. It works as a bank deposit and enables users to earn an 8% interest rate just for depositing USDC, USDT, and PAX. Shortly, we are planning to exceed the list of supported currencies.

We Made It Easier to Manage Your Loans

Trying to make the platform more manageable for active users, we’ve added two small but crucial features.

First, you can now switch between a Card View and a Grid View in My Loans. It allows us to see dozens of loans in a glance. The second feature lets you hide small balances in My Wallet to keep visible only the currencies you hold in your account.

Borrowing Fees Are Cut and Frozen at the 1% Level

If you’re interested in borrowing, you enjoyed this update. First, it made borrowers always pay a 1% fee only, regardless of the other loan terms. Second, a borrower pays two, or even three times less for long-term loans. Based on the new conditions, no doubt that CoinLoan’s fees are the lowest on the crypto lending market.

New Changes in Our Prepayment Policy

In September, we presented a new early repayment policy that was intended to protect the lender’s interests. According to that policy, borrowers were required to pay the full interest amount even if they repay their loan early.

In October, we changed the prepayment policy one more time, taking into account the feedback of CoinLoaners. Long story short, new prepayment logic seeks to resume that flexibility to the borrower, but still, ensure returns for the lender.

CoinLoan Goes Global With Website in Chinese, German and Spanish

CoinLoan’s localization goes further to reach out to a global audience, and this month we added the fresh new Chinese-, Spanish-, and German-language CoinLoan landing page to make promising markets to familiarize comfortable with our product.

Another lending localization coming soon, guess which language we've decided to work with next 😉

CoinLoan Token (CLT) Listed on Tokpie Exchange

At the very beginning of the month, CLT became listed and tradeable on one more exchange — TOKPIE. If you want to use our native tokens as collateral to get a loan or to pay platform fees in CLTs to get a 50% discount, now you have one more way to obtain them.

P.S. The way number one is to buy CLT on the CoinLoan Crypto Exchange.

CoinLoan in Media

This month we have two comprehensive platform reviews we loved:

  • The one is from The Poor Investor
  • And the other is from Ample Invest

It's an excellent chance to get an outside opinion about the platform. Choose one that suits you best and examine the benefits and opportunities of CoinLoan.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for next updates, and, if you haven’t tried out the platform yet — get started for free here.