CoinLoan’s localization goes further to reach out to a global audience, and today we present the Chinese- and German-language CoinLoan landing page to make promising markets to familiarize comfortable with our product. The platform itself is not translated into Chinese and German yet.

Why Is Localization Crucial?

Most of our content is written in English. That’s OK, as the number of English-speaking internet users exceeds one billion people. The only problem is that there are still about 6,5 billion users who don’t speak English. Simply put, a monolingual website can barely cover one-seventh of the internet.

CoinLoan operates worldwide with no geographical limitations. We can’t, however, say the same about language limitations. Until recently, we covered that one-seventh only. After, we adapted the product to Russian and opened ourselves to the region of Eastern Europe. This time, it's the turn of Chinese- and German-speaking regions.

Why Is That a Good Thing for Every User?

The number of internet users who speak Chinese is not too far from English-speaking and estimated at 863.2 million people.

The German language has a lower number of speakers and internet users than Chinese. However, German, Austrian, and Switzerland citizens, which have German as their official language, are shaping vast and wealthy economies, interested in innovative financial instruments.

The more languages we support, the larger the audience, therefore, the larger the number of lenders and borrowers. More users equal to more Loan Offers and Requests, a wider choice, and more competitive loan conditions.

All of a sudden, the one-seventh of the world has turned to one-third of the world for CoinLoan. However, we don’t want to rest on its achievements. New languages are coming, so stay tuned!