CoinLoan exchange volumes soar by 2,400% in 12 months

The global crypto market demonstrated robust performance in 2021, with its capitalization growing by 187.5%. CoinLoan went even further by registering a record 2,400% surge in exchange volume in a year. Moreover, this crypto lending platform, the only one with an EU license, has increased its client base by a whopping 800%.

The sky is the limit, and CoinLoan is going to improve these already fantastic results and attract more clients by introducing Visa Debit Crypto Card. This card will enable its holders to store, spend, and exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat money anywhere on the globe. The company intends to develop a secure one-stop platform that will provide its users with every crypto solution they may need. Here are some of the existing CoinLoan offers and their yearly performance:

  • Crypto Wallet showing a boost in deposits of 434%
  • Crypto Interest Accounts where deposits grew by 1,718%
  • Crypto-backed Loans rising by more than 2,000%
  • Crypto Exchange demonstrating a 24x surge in volume

These results prove that the company’s efforts to upgrade its service last year have borne fruit. Specifically, in 2021, CoinLoan extended its range of available assets by adding eight new cryptocurrencies that users can exchange, earn interest on, and use as collateral. Further on, the company continuously improves its mobile and web platforms. Some of the recent upgrades have enhanced transparency, added financial reports on demand, and introduced new features for institutional users.

CoinLoan CEO Alex Faliushin said: “Our strong culture and values are the results of a business built on specialization, team spirit, integrity, and accountability. Our values shape how we conduct our business, provide services to our customers, interact with each other, and support our community. We put a strong emphasis on quality and security, scanning and crash-testing our system daily to make it stronger, and partnering with white-hat hackers to keep it ironclad.”

CoinLoan plans to continue expanding its ecosystem following the introduction of partial loan repayment in early 2022. Some of the upcoming updates are new cryptocurrencies, margin trading, and integrated tax services. Putting clients’ interests to the fore, the company will further improve its service and products as per users’ feedback. Check out what CoinLoan has achieved so far in its 2021 performance report.

About CoinLoan

CoinLoan, a crypto business launched in 2017, is the only company of this kind licensed in the EU. Its web platform and mobile app offer multiple services, including instant crypto-backed loans, interest accounts with higher-than-average APY, crypto exchange, and corporate features. The company ensures the highest levels of protection through asset insurance and security measures of a high level.

Remarkable customer retention and satisfaction rates are due to CoinLoan’s attractive conditions for lenders, borrowers, and hodlers. It offers highly competitive interest and yield rates, pricing transparency, and 24/7 human support. Clients can manage a diverse and ever-expanding range of assets. In addition to cryptocurrencies, it includes fiat, stablecoins, and CoinLoan’s native token.

Its cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships evidence CoinLoan’s focus on perpetual innovation. It is committed to unlocking new opportunities for its clients in the dynamic crypto world.