02.04.2019: The CoinLoan Monthly Update

Boom! March is already over, which means it’s time for our traditional monthly report. Even though time has passed very fast, the CoinLoan Team managed to implement some important big updates (and countless tiny invisible updates). So let’s sum up this fruitful period and remind ourselves of the main milestones.

Game-Changing Lending Solution

This month we presented an entirely new first-of-its-kind lending solution called Advanced Loan Offers. As a lender, you can now allow multiple borrowers to share one offer. As a borrower, you can borrow just a part of what the lender is offering.

Investing Became Fees-Free on CoinLoan

Starting from March till mid-summer platform fees for investors will be reduced from 10% of interest earned to zero. The exact end date of Zero Fees Offer hasn’t been chosen, we’ll let you know when it’s settled.

This special offer is temporary and relates to lending fees only. For other operations on the CoinLoan Platform, fees remained the same.

Crypto-Backed Loans to Change the Investor’s Strategy

We have recently announced a use case on how to acquire tokens while HODLing due to the coming IEO token sale of Paytomat, a cryptocurrency payment solutions company. This creates a win-win situation for the investor, as it allows to earn more and creates a safety bag for the worst case scenario. Check it out!

And we’re in the spotlight with that topic! NewsBTC published an article on how crypto-backed loans benefit investors.

That’s it for this month guys, thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

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