Investing Becomes Fees-Free on CoinLoan!

You can never have too many investors, right? That’s what we’re thinking in CoinLoan. So, with no hesitation, we decided to cancel platform fees for investors.

Where’d you hear that? It sounds like the most honest promo campaign ever. But, like all good things, Zero Fees discount won’t last forever. So let’s not waste any more time!

The Story

Starting from now till mid-summer platform fees for investors will be reduced from 10% of interest earned to zero. The exact end date of Zero Fees Offer hasn’t been chosen, we’ll let you know when it’s settled. Make sure you’re subscribed to the CoinLoan newsletter and social media!

This special offer relates to lending fees only. For other operations on the CoinLoan Platform, fees remained the same. Let us remind you how these fees work.

CoinLoan Fees Schedule

We’re convinced that CoinLoan commission system is extremely advantageous. There are no markups or hidden fees.

  • For borrowers fees range is between 1–3% of the overall loan principal amount, depending on the loan term (if you pay in fiat). For those, who pay fees in CoinLoan Tokens, borrowing fee calculation formula looks like this:

Fee = Loan Principal Amount / (10,000.00 USD * Loan Term)
Well, it makes more sense when you see some examples. Fortunately, we have a few here.

  • Deposits in fiat and crypto are free.
  • Withdrawals are free except for tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain. Check our Help Center for details.
  • In the case of liquidation, the borrower is charged a liquidation fee in the amount of 7% of the liquidated loan collateral.
  • Any operations on CoinLoan Crypto Exchange are free of charge.

Afterword for Affiliates

We’ve promised you will earn 25% of the fees charged by CoinLoan from new users you brought on the platform. Now we say that investors will pay no fees.

No worries! You’ll earn your 25% as if your referrals still pay commission. Don’t ask how. Better use your chance to spread the word about Zero Fees Offer among potential investors and make more.

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