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Crypto Collateral Ensures full repayment on time.

No Delays

No delays

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Supporting Cryptoassets

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How It Works

In this scenario, at the end of the loan term, you'll earn 1,882 EUR on deposited 100,000 EUR just for parking your money.

You can easily withdraw funds using bank transfer (SWIFT, SEPA) or AdvCash.

Simple, convenient and profitable.

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Risk Management

All loans provided on the platform are secured using the borrower's cryptocollateral (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptoassets). During the loan term, the cryptocollateral is stored in our safe CoinLoan Vault.

If the borrower fails to repay the loan, the system will automatically liquidate (sell) the crypto-collateral to secure the lender. Funds with accrued interests will be returned to the lender automatically, which is why you don't have to evaluate the borrower's solvency or worry about debt.

How to Start

Lend in fiat or stablecoins and earn competitive returns

  • Sign Up on CoinLoan Platform

    Create an account and complete the KYC procedure to start using CoinLoan services.

  • Choose Appropriate Loan Conditions

    Select your interest rate, loan currency, term and desired loan amount.

  • Create a Loan Offer

    Create a lending offer or check Lending Market and accept a suitable loan request to lend immediately.

Are you a corporate, institutional or individual lender interested in loans exceeding $100k? Please contact your personal consultant.