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What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a platform based on blockchain technology and the coin, that supports this platform. Ethereum's network is similar to Bitcoin’s; it uses the model of Bitcoin protocol and blockchain design but transforms the system to support applications beyond money.

Ethereum coin (ETH) is a cryptocurrency generated by the Ethereum software platform. Ether is widely used for two primary purposes. First, it can be traded on exchanges and operate like any other cryptocurrency. Second, it is used to run applications inside of the Ethereum network. This use-case is possible thanks to customizable transactions known as smart contracts.

Ethereum Loans | Get a ETH Backed Credit on CoinLoan

Who Invented Ethereum?

Ethereum has first arrived on the public agenda after its announcement in early 2014 by Vitalik Buterin. Ethereum platform went live on July 30th, 2015, to become the pioneer for blockchain-based smart contracts.

Currently, Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency project, according to Coinmarketcap. Becoming second-most-valuable crypto next to Bitcoin, his brainchild made Vitalik one the most well-known person in the crypto-world.

Ethereum Loans | Get a ETH Backed Credit on CoinLoan

What is the Difference Between Ethereum and Bitcoin?

Unlike Bitcoin, which was invented to act as an alternative to fiat money, Ethereum coin was initially drafted as the “Fuel” of the network, to monetize the working of Ethereum to enable developers to build and run own applications. In a nutshell: Ethereum is great for innovation.

Ethereum’s potential to impact projects and processes across all industries is mindblowing. It’s by no means a perfect technology yet, as blockchain technology is still in its early years. However, providing more uses than Bitcoin does, Ethereum opens the door for further technological breakthroughs.

Ethereum Loans | Get a ETH Backed Credit on CoinLoan

How To Buy Ethereum?

You can buy ETH on exchange services that accept fiat currencies. For instance, on CoinLoan Crypto Exchange. Exchanges connect you to online marketplaces, where you can exchange traditional currencies for digital ones.

To buy your coins, you should first sign up for a digital wallet, then you can use traditional payment methods such as a bank card or a bank transfer to buy Ether on the marketplace. Ethereum will be transferred to your Ethereum wallet.

Ethereum Loans | Get a ETH Backed Credit on CoinLoan

Three Steps to Give Borrowing a Shot

  • Verify Yourself

    We need to get to know you, these are the rules of the financial market. The verification process is automatic and takes a couple of minutes to complete.

  • Deposit Collateral

    You may use crypto, stablecoins or even fiat as a collateral asset. It will be held at our custodian and returned safely to you as soon as you repay your loan.

  • Get Your Loan

    Choose the desired loan term and amount, and get your money instantly — no credit checks, no paperwork or waiting for the approval.

CoinLoan Stands on Safety

Our imperative is zero-incident safety. We’re constantly raising the bar for our security standards so that users can sleep well.

Stay Safe with CoinLoan
    • Insured Custodian
    • Vulnerability Scans
    • Protected Infrastructure
    • Strict Access Recovery Policy
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Fast Customer Support
    • Security Alerts
    • Bug Bounty Program
    • CCSS Compliance
    • Cold Crypto Storage
    • Biometric Authentication

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