Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) Listed on CoinLoan

We continue to work with meaningful blockchain projects by adding Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) to our list of cryptocurrencies. Users who decide to take a loan secured by WBTC or earn interest on WBTC deposits will become its early adopters.

What Is WBTC

Wrapped Bitcoin doesn’t compete with the world’s most-recognised crypto assets. Its mission is to combine the power of Bitcoin with the flexibility of ERC20 tokens. Wrapped Bitcoin is pegged to the king of cryptocurrencies BTC and is priced at 1:1 ratio.

This "Ethereum Bitcoin" is among the top 5 tokens in terms of market capitalization. One of the many advantages of WBTC blockchain is that the transactions are faster than in the BTC network.

How WBTC Works on CoinLoan

How can CoinLoaners benefit from this popular cryptocurrency? You can either earn interest using it as a deposit or take loans secured by WBTC. Those who have this token on DeFi platforms are welcome to bring it to CoinLoan and enjoy higher percentage and better conditions. We are the first centralised platform to list WBTC with zero withdrawal fees.

The token can bring up to 6.4% APY on Interest Account. It is already available for deposits both in the web version and our apps.