Win CLT: Bittrex & CoinLoan Trading Contest

Summer is almost at our doorstep. This year is playing out well for us - CLT tokens have been listed on several exchanges, including the major ones. To celebrate our latest achievements, we partnered with Bittrex Global to launch the trading competition and offer a chance to anyone out there to win a share of a $15,000 prize!

How It Works

To qualify for the competition, you need to be a Bittrex Global user or set up an account, which you can do here. After, just wait for the contest to begin and enter the race!

Dates and Time

The trading competition will be held between the 19th of May and the 26th of May 2021.


For a chance to win a prize, only use CLT for trading. Available pairs are USDT/CLT and BTC/CLT. To claim the first place, you will need to have the highest trading volume by the end of the competition. If you don’t achieve the top, don’t worry! We have allocated 10 prize places with the following rewards:

1st place:  $5000 worth of CLT
2nd place: $3000 worth of CLT
3rd place:  $2000 worth of CLT
4th place: $1300 worth of CLT
5th place:  $1000 worth of CLT
6th place:  $800 worth of CLT
7th place:  $700 worth of CLT
8th place:  $600 worth of CLT
9th place: $500 worth of CLT
10th place: $100 worth of CLT

All rewards will be transferred in the form of CLT tokens to your Bittrex Global wallet.