British Pound (GBP) deposits are now available on CoinLoan

Our currency list is growing, with the British Pound becoming the latest addition! You can now loan and exchange GBP for cryptocurrency at our built-in exchange. If you are looking to earn interest, the CoinLoan interest account offers up to 12.3% APY.

What is GBP

The British pound sterling is the official currency of the United Kingdom and British Overseas Territories. GBP, or £, has one of the world's highest trading volumes, trailing only the U.S. dollar, euro, and Japanese yen in daily volume.

How GBP works on CoinLoan

SWIFT is available for international payments. CoinLoaners can transfer funds to Wallet and enjoy GBP accounts with fee-free deposits and withdrawals using this payment method.

You can take loans in British Pounds for cryptocurrency collateral and withdraw them directly to your bank account with zero commission. 5000 GBP is the minimum amount for both operations.

From now on, CoinLoan offers instant loans with GBP backing and a minimal rate of 4.95%. Your final rate depends on the LTV you choose: the lower the LTV, the less you pay for your loan.

To earn the annual interest maximum on your deposits, choose the CoinLoan interest account. Since the beginning of 2021, CoinLoaners enjoy a high-yield 10.3% rate, reaching up to 12.3% APY with CLT Staking. The rates are also valid for the euro and all stablecoins.

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