Support Ukraine with crypto

Ukraine is facing a harrowing humanitarian crisis. As the military action is raging on, people around the world are united in their desire to help ordinary Ukrainians. Nonprofit and state organizations are accepting crypto donations to provide aid to those who have lost their homes and loved ones.

In times like these, simple acts of compassion make a big difference. Crypto donations have soared as millions of users want to support civilians affected by the military operations. Their contributions can help provide logistics on the ground, including food, fuel, and other supplies.

Donating any amount of crypto is easy and fast. Sadly, not all entities accepting financial aid are legit. CoinLoan is working on its own fundraising initiatives and tracking existing crypto donation programs to share only official links and addresses. Here are three prominent funds and organizations we presume to be legit and exclusively humanitarian based on information currently available in public sources.

Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Official crypto wallets of the ministry. All donations will be used to support healthcare institutions (both hospitals and emergency care facilities) that are fighting for the life and health of Ukrainians.

  • USDT (ERC-20): 0x5C61b722a3f946930eA4c60AA989F61aE2163646
  • BTC: bc1qhtfj3u6cct69kgdj54s8szl5jscdm7rr7kalt4
  • ETH: 0x5C61b722a3f946930eA4c60AA989F61aE2163646
  • LTC: ltc1qnxqjtjs4suhryk09gnztwcd9htsjkhuxaelkx5

Unchain Ukraine

A charity organization launched by blockchain activists. This project is raising funds for humanitarian relief and helping Ukrainians affected by the military action. At the moment, it is cooperating with local NGOs.

  • ETH (ERC-20): 0x10e1439455bd2624878b243819e31cfee9eb721c
  • BSC (BEP-20): 0x67ef9a8d7f4ed931ac63e873b75d8f8dea64cdb2
  • MATIC: 0xb37b3b78022E6964fe80030C9161525880274010


A Lviv-based charity initiative helping refugees and war victims. This organization is providing shelter to refugees and humanitarian aid all across Ukraine. It also offers psychological and legal help to those who have fled their homes.

  • BTC: bc1qfraqann25zz5acjxf6pwammr2e2zdfwqd4p9ep
  • ETH: 0x707a0a00e2fcf5329816b5223c91ea38f22d31a0
  • NEAR chain: palianytsia.near
  • TRX: TH98PgJ13mXx3YK8px28oo3d7Bxj7J9nAA
  • SOL: EuxEwa3XhawweggAAVA37snsGhEJ2vzxvoQSMkVNKRga