More Than Pizza: 3 Awesome Stories From the History of Bitcoin

Behind every marvelous invention from steam machine to Pizza Hut there are always a bunch of hidden facts and historical gems that everyone needs to know in order to escape the mistakes of the past. Bitcoin is not an exception, and its history dates back to 2009 when the first cryptocurrency was launched after a couple of hopeless attempts to introduce never developed currencies B-Money and Bit Gold.

Now as BTC is considered the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, which you can easily deposit or borrow at CoinLoan, it is of high interest to dive deeper into the history of the coin and unravel the secrets and tips its developers and miners successfully used to make Bitcoin G.O.A.T.

Bitcoin Is the Anthem of Success

More Than Pizza: 3 Awesome Stories From the History of Bitcoin

BTC is not only the coin which may make your living easier, but it is also the instrument the luckiest ones use to become the richest.

Erik Finman has never been an average American teenager. In 2011, when he was only 12, he begged his parents of skipping college education for the sake of investing and accumulating finances. After receiving $1,000 from his grandma he promised to turn this amount into $1 million, which all his relatives found to be impossible and unrealistic.

He followed his strategy of purchasing the coins and tokens on the rise of Bitcoin’s smashing popularity at the price of just $12 per coin. In 2017 at the age of 18 when the majority of kids make their first steps into real life the young and bold teenager became a self-made millionaire with Bitcoin’s value breaching $2,700.

The lesson is that no one should be scared to grab a chance and become the next millionaire as Mr. Finman, whose net worth in 2020 is estimated to equal $5 million. Visit our platform CoinLoan and find your own path to prosperity.

Fake It Even if You Made It

More Than Pizza: 3 Awesome Stories From the History of Bitcoin

The most breathtaking mystery of Bitcoin is the identity of its founder – Satoshi Nakamoto. Dorian Nakamoto (a Japanese-American engineer), Craig Wright (an Australian computer scientist), and Nick Szabo (an American computer engineer and legal scholar), are three possible creators of the biggest cryptocurrency in the world, but the truth is that no one has ever proved their involvement.

The last communication of the founder with the public happened in 2011, and since that time it gets harder and harder to identify a true creator. Still, there are some undeniable facts behind the secrecy of BTC’s managing directors.

Despite the obscurity of their identities, they assuredly speak fluent English as native speakers which is quite clear from their writing skills and correct usage of numerous terms and professional vocabulary.

Some respected sources also refer to their British citizenship, or at least their residence in the UK. Their spelling and use of specific British collocations seems to hint at this fact. For example, they use the word “flat” instead of the American “apartment” and “maths” in lieu of “math”. Furthermore, Nakamoto usually tend to post their updates during UK daylight hours, which undoubtedly backs this hypothesis.

Finally, Nakamoto appears to be a well-knit crew of talented professionals. Dan Kaminsky, a security researcher who examined the Bitcoin’s code, claims that Satoshi Nakamoto is either ‘a team of people’ or a real-time ‘genius’.

Whether the truth behind the identity of BTC’s creator is blurred, the coin’s future as a decentralized cryptocurrency is destined to be far more successful without a certain leading figure behind it.

Bitcoin Pizza, Anyone?

More Than Pizza: 3 Awesome Stories From the History of Bitcoin

On one sunny day in May, 2010 the world witnessed the purchase of two most expensive pizzas in history. As you already know from the history of Bitcoin, its price that year was rather insignificant. Pioneer miners did not know the full benefit of BTC coins those days, so often they come to spend these coins in various funny ways.

A Bitcoin miner under the nickname Laszlo ordered two pizzas at a local diner mentioning that he would pay 5,000 BTC for each one. Later in August, the price of those two pizzas in BTC equaled $600 as a consequence of a rapid rise in Bitcoin’s value. Today the price of those Pepperoni pizzas would be around $113,000 which may seem furious to someone who purchased an apartment somewhere in Northern Italy for the same price.

Since then, every year the crypto world celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day on May 22.

Bitcoin has paved a amplitudinous way for other cryptocurrencies to find their own way at the crypto market. It is simply impossible to define the most eye-catching story from the history of Bitcoin as this phenomenal currency has already shaken the world of finances and turned it upside down. Still, there’s some more space for you to contribute and write your name in the history of BTC.