Meet the CoinLoan Team in Malta, Lisbon and SPB

Given the short period of time since Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland which was on October 9, the CoinLoan Team has developed a roadmap for November. Preparations for next events are well underway, we’re looking forward to seeing you!

November 1–2, Malta Blockchain Summit

Our journey starts with the Blockchain Summit in Malta.

Meet the CoinLoan Team in Malta, Lisbon and SPB

Boasting over 4000 delegates, 100 speakers and 150 sponsors and exhibitors, it promises to be a good chance for global influencers to network, forge new connections and discuss collaboration opportunities.

November 5–8, Web Summit in Lisbon

Meet the CoinLoan Team in Malta, Lisbon and SPB
  • Forbes has said that Web Summit is “the best technology conference on the planet.”
  • The Atlantic said that it’s “where the future goes to be born.”
  • The New York Times said that it’s “a grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests.”
  • 70,000 people said: “We will come to Web Summit in Lisbon.”
  • CoinLoan Team said: “We have to be there to participate in the exhibition and the pitch session.”

Web Summit will culminate our European tour. It’s going to be huge!

November 7–8, Blockchain Life in Saint Petersburg

Meet the CoinLoan Team in Malta, Lisbon and SPB

Blockchain Life is the biggest event in the cryptocurrency, blockchain and ICO industry in Russia and Eastern Europe so that we couldn’t miss it. Even though the CoinLoan team has to split up to be in two places at once 🙂

Alongside these events we’re going to have as many conversations as possible. If you want to meet Alex, Max and Mike, the team will be in the exhibition zone throughout the day, ready to answer any questions about the CoinLoan platform. For scheduling a meeting, please contact Mike in Telegram, LinkedIn or via email.

Keep an eye on our Twitter page, where we’ll be posting announces and some highlights from what’s happening.

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