Limited Offer: Enjoy the Highest Earning Rates

For all of us, 2020 has been truly outstanding. We've seen both upsetting and amazing things going on everywhere, especially in crypto. No matter how difficult it was, our users have survived the turbulence.

That’s why we decided to cheer our heroes up with the New Years’ deposit offer!

You can get extra +2% APY if you deposit BTC, ETH, USDT and/or USDC by January 10th. The rules are easy: every time you deposit the following amount of assets, your rate increases by 0.5%:

  • 5 BTC;
  • 100 ETH;
  • 50k USDT / USDC.

For instance, a 5 BTC deposit adds 0.5% to your Interest Account rate, 10 BTC add 1%, 15 BTC add 1.5%, 2 BTC add 2%. Thus, the BTC’s rate will turn 7.2%.


  • The offer is only valid for Interest Account deposits made after the promo has been announced.
  • The increased rate is valid for 6 months, then the rate changes to the standard one.
  • CLT staking bonus does not sums up with the promo bonus.
  • The rate is only raised for the Interest Account of the same asset.
  • The extra interest is limited to 2%. This means if you deposit more than 20 BTC, you still get +2% APY.

The promo is valid until January, 10th 2021. You have plenty of time to get more interest from your deposits!