Join CoinLoan Card Wait List

Hi CoinLoaner,

In the past few months, we’ve been rolling out updates and features one after another. This time we prepared something entirely different. The product will dramatically ease crypto transfers, allow integrating your digital assets in daily life, and, of course, provide bank-grade security. Please welcome CoinLoan Debit Card!

How It Works

The CoinLoan Card is powered by Visa. It debits funds right from your CoinLoan associated wallet. With the CoinLoan Card, you can swap and spend currencies, access transaction history, and track your expenses.

CoinLoan Card offers a new, modern way to spend cryptocurrency – on your terms, anywhere, anytime.

Card Advantages

The Сard will have a lot to bring to the table. You will have an opportunity to choose between virtual and physical plastic variations, supported by Google Pay and Apple Pay. You will also pay for the goods and services online and offline, where Visa is accepted. By linking the Card to your crypto balance on the platform, you will be able to take out a loan instantly.

Few more perks:

  • Quick and easy wallet access
  • Zero limits and fees on transfers
  • 24/7 access to all our core services
  • Accepted by 60M+ merchants around the world
  • Past transactions’ reports

How to Get the Card

You can pre-order our Crypto Card by following this link and joining the waiting list. If you have any questions regarding the product or want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or online chat.