Interest Account Rates Go Up to 12.3%

The winter holiday season is over, and everyone is feeling somewhat blue. Please don’t be sad, cos’ we’ve got the best cure for post-Christmas melancholy. INTERESTed?

From now on, CoinLoaners can enjoy an increased 10.3% rate in their Interest Account, which goes up to 12.3% APY with CLT staking. Dying to hear about the conditions? Well, there are none.

The offer is unlimited. Nevertheless, we encourage you to take advantage of it, as the rates are subject to change in the future. New rates are valid for euro, British pound, and all stablecoins. Here’s a full list for your convenience:

  • USDT
  • USDC
  • TUSD
  • BUSD
  • EUR
  • GBP
  • DAI
  • PAX

CoinLoan Interest Account is probably the perfect instrument for getting rid of the post-vacation syndrome. Release stress with our high-yield rates while keeping your assets at hand. This remedy is sure to make you feel safe & ready for the new year, whatever it might bring.