Important message to all CoinLoaners — Our platform operates as usual

The latest crypto market events have alarmed many users. We would like to assure you that CoinLoan protects your assets to the fullest extent. All client capital is fully intact, and all of our services are operating normally. Withdrawals are processed as usual.

The current situation does not affect our company’s fundamentals or the liquidity of the platform. As CoinLoan adheres to the highest standards of reliability and trust, it has never participated in any of the following:

  • Investing in any DeFi protocols or synthetic assets
  • Having LUNA or the UST “stablecoin” in its portfolio
  • stETH-based staking or offering the stETH tokens to its clients
  • Locking ETH in preparation for the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade
  • Lending exposure to Three Arrows Capital

CoinLoan has a solid risk management strategy for unfavorable market scenarios. As the oldest crypto lending provider, our company has successfully overcome a series of crypto winters and market downturns.

We will continue operating with the utmost responsibility toward our clients and partners.

For those with active crypto-backed loans

Due to the latest market dynamics, we want to advise our borrowers to keep an eye on the LTV of their loans. Achieving a lower LTV by adding extra collateral is a simple measure to protect you against the possible liquidation risk. We recommend taking it as soon as possible, since strong downtrends may cause an overload of the blockchain networks, which may result in delays in deposit processing.

Without prejudice disclaimer. Nothing contained in this Blog (or published by CoinLoan otherwise) shall be interpreted and used against CoinLoan or be detrimental to any of its rights. All information publicly disclosed by CoinLoan herein or elsewhere shall be without prejudice to (i) any CoinLoan's rights or interests whether addressed in this Blog or not, and (ii) any position that CoinLoan may take in legal or administrative proceedings.