To start with, we’d like to share our recent observations. One, a ton of CoinLoaners prefer to invest in euro. EUR is the most popular fiat currency on the platform. Two, Interest Account, the newest CoinLoan’s product, debuted with a bang. It’s successfully operating for the third week and is much in demand among investors.

These are good indicators, and we are happy to say that CoinLoan has an update for those who are interested in both investing euro and earning 8% with no hassle.

Euro deposits are now available in the CoinLoan Interest Account.

How Does Interest Account Work?

Remember that Interest Account initially supported three USD-pledged stablecoins: USDT, USDC, and PAX. It's a basic principle that a user deposits their asset in a couple of clicks, and earns 8% annual interest starting from the next day already.

That business model assumes that a part of your money would be granted as overcollateralized CoinLoan loans. Find more information on how Interest Account works in a dedicated blog post.

Investing in this way has several advantages over creating a Loan Offer on the lending market:

  • Saved time. As soon as the deposit is completed, you watch your money grow. Your result won’t be affected by the borrowers who need to accept an offer.
  • Stable returns. Your investment works 24/7 without your direct participation. 8% interest is guaranteed anyway.
  • Simplicity. Interest Account is an incredibly smooth and intuitive tool. The interface has only two buttons: one for deposit and one for withdrawal.

Here's Another Good News

You can earn interest on euro with no fees and commissions. In our recent update, CoinLoan canceled fees for EUR withdrawal via SEPA. Since depositing is free, you pay platform nothing for using Interest Account and get the full amount of your revenue.

EUR is first but not the last fiat currency in the CoinLoan Interest Account. Stay tuned, don’t miss the next update!