CoinLoan’s Updated Self-Sufficient App Hits the Ground Running

We’re thrilled to inform CoinLoaners about an update for our iOS and Android apps. Now they offer the full functionality of the Instant Loans feature, the last missing ingredient to augment our Interest Account and Crypto Exchange in the app.

You no longer need to switch between the app and the web version to get a loan. Everything can be conveniently done from the app. It will make mobile-first users much more productive!

Update your CoinLoan app to the latest version to benefit from the update:

CoinLoan Entered on the Path a Mobile-First Company

Mobile is the future of everything matters. On days when you can order a vehicle driven by a complete stranger to take you anywhere and get food delivered in minutes, why should you use a laptop for banking needs? So that we put all the CoinLoan in one little app on your phone.

Now you can manage your assets while standing on the subway, riding in taxis, or waiting for a friend. You can even pull out your phone for 20 seconds on an escalator to apply for a loan or make a scheduled repayment.

What’s New in the App

The update is about adding Instant Loans to the app:

  • You can now apply for a loan from your phone;
  • Control the health of your loans conveniently;
  • Make loan repayments in a couple of clicks and more.
CoinLoan’s Updated Self-Sufficient App Hits the Ground Running

We’ll continue developing the app to the fullest, so if you have any comments or suggestions on making it better, don’t hesitate to contact us via the live chat. You know that we pay proper attention to what our community says.

You’ll always have a choice, anyway. From now, the CoinLoan web version and CoinLoan apps are running independently in parallel. You can switch between or use the one version you prefer. The choice is up to you. Our job is to give the best options 😉