In this month’s community update, we’re improving interest rates, welcoming a new CLT listing on Hotbit, learning a bit more about cybersecurity, and more. Let’s take a look at what’s been going on at CoinLoan during July.

Now You Can Earn Up to 6.4% On Ethereum

In July, we increased earning rates so that CoinLoaners could earn more interest on deposits in ETH. Before the rate in the Interest Account was 3%, and now the basic annual interest for deposits in ETH increases to 4.4%. The rate with maximum staking rewards goes up to 6.4%, just like bitcoin’s rate.

Read more about the update in the dedicated blog post.

CLT Is Now Listed on Hotbit

Another important event of the month was a brand-new CLT’s listing on Hotbit exchange. The listing offered another way to access the token for everyone around the world and increased token’s liquidity.

Since the CLT/BTC trading pair has been opened on Hotbit, CLT reached a price of $22 (0.002 BTC), above where it's ever been.

More info about it here.

Cyber Attack Resistance Manual

One beautiful day you wake up in the morning to see that a hacker attack, so familiar to you from the news, is now paying a personal visit.

The good news is that there’s always a way to regain your digital identity and recover your account. But the further attackers go, the harder it is to kick them out of your profiles. So time is of the essence, as well as the right course of action.

Learn how to regain control over your identity and compromised account with our blog post.

The Story of China’s New Digital Yuan

As you may have heard by now, China has been in the process of developing its own national digital currency. The currency — often called the digital yuan, but also referred to as the e-RMB — is the first of its kind to be designed and operated by a major world economy.

For that reason, we wanted to make a note of a few things you should know about this new digital currency venture.

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