CoinLoan’s monthly update is coming late this time, and that's because there was no way we didn’t include here some awesome updates we have been working on throughout the month.

In this eventful period, we’ve added new repayment settings, new currencies, community voting, and much more!

Major Platform Update: Repayment by Collateral Available

Recently we’ve rolled out a new repayment setting that enables the liquidation of collateral by request to repay a loan in full or to make a regular payment. Also, it allows repaying with any other assets you have in My Wallet, not only your loan currency.

A lot can happen to collateral in a long-term loan, so so borrowers need to be able to manage their locked assets. Read the full announcement to discover how it works.

Vote for the Next Collateral

CoinLoan is pleased to announce community voting for the next collateral assets. Projects on top of the ranking will be listed on the CoinLoan Platform to become the next collateral option.

Read our post to learn how to shape the collateral list of your dream.

Meet LTC & XMR in Interest Account

We think you already know about CoinLoan's Interest Account earning feature. We've added Litecoin and Monero to make the Interest Account even better.

The new listing triggered a heated public debate in r/Monero, and brought CoinLoan some newcomers. In this post we take a look at new assets and the whole list of currencies you can choose from.

Learn How to Manage Collateral Wisely

Bitcoin price goes up, and the crypto market is overall in a green zone, it means that the amount you can borrow for your crypto asset is growing by the minute.

Follow the link to see how you can make the most of the uptrend.

Borrowing: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

CoinLoan represents the latest generation of lending. Creating the company, we have embedded right into our backbone the cutting-edge transformations that cryptocurrency brought.

In this article, we are trying to discover what the crypto-backed lending achieved in three years of its existence, and what it could all mean going forward.