CoinLoan’s December Update  2020

Despite all the 2020 drama, December ended on a bright note for CoinLoan.

We had a great time creating a virtual Christmas Tree Competition (and you got the kick out of taking part in it). CLT, CoinLoan's native token and our special pride, was recently listed on the HitBTC exchange. Paxos Gold went live in our interest account, so you have even more coins to choose from. Increased earning rates are the most fantastic news so far.

The Redesigned Website Is Now Live!

Yes, we know how long you've been waiting for an update. We took our time to make it convenient and up-to-date, scraping the old-fashioned stock photos. The new website provides comprehensive information and offers simple navigation. It is smooth and intuitive, with balanced shapes and colors.

Get an Extra +2% APY for Depositing BTC, ETH, USDT and/or USDC by January 10th

Why don't we start with the rising rates? The rules are simple: every time you deposit a certain amount of assets from the list, your rate increases by 0.5%:

  • 5 BTC;
  • 100 ETH;
  • 50k USDT / USDC.

For instance, 5 BTC, 10 BTC, 15 BTC, 2 BTC deposit adds 0.5%, 1%, 1.5%, 2% to your interest account rate, respectively. Thus, the BTC's rate can reach 7.2%.

This offer is only valid until January 10th. Furthermore, your rate can continue to rise for six months. After that period, the rate changes to the standard one.

What Else Do You Need to Know?

  • CLT staking bonus does not sum up with the promo bonus.
  • The rate can only rise for the same asset in the interest account.
  • The extra interest is limited to 2%, meaning that if you deposit more than 20 BTC, you still get +2% APY.

CLT Deposits and CLT/BTC Trading Open on HitBTC

We are very proud to see CLT on HitBTC, one of the oldest exchanges. You can use our native utility token to raise earning rates from basic to more beneficial ones. Staking 2,500 CLT, for instance, will add 2% on top of your annual interest rate.

Please find more information on staking bonuses here.

Paxos Gold (PAXG) Is Now Available in Our Interest Account

Users can earn from 5.2% annual interest on their deposits and generate up to 7.2% profit per annum, given the staking opportunity. The recently listed stablecoin can also be used as collateral for crypto-backed loans and bought as a regular asset in My Wallet. We are happy to provide service to "digital gold" fans!

Christmas Tree Competition

Ok, it's time to tell you the truth about the contest. It wasn't Santa who hid five Christmas tree emojis 🎄 on CoinLoan pages. We did it! And three lucky winners found them all. Their prize is 300 CLT! We will send 100 CLT to each user by January 10th.

December is over, but CoinLoan is still giving out presents. For instance, we've increased our Interest Account rates, which is just a perfect way to start 2021!