CoinLoan’s April Update 2020

It’s the beginning of the new month, and we wanted to do a quick recap of the major highlights of April. Brand new mobile apps, undoubtedly, is our top story. The development team was working on it really hard for a couple of months, and on May 1, we have finally presented the CoinLoan app for Android and iOS.

CoinLoan Now in the Phone — Meet Our Mobile App

CoinLoaners now have a faster, more convenient way to use their favorite services on the go. If you missed the news, read the announcement, try the CoinLoan app and let us know what you think.

Your positive feedback on apps has been overwhelming. As you can imagine, with any large update, there are a lot of good things that we hear but also some areas we can improve on. We continue to work on apps, and the fist update is coming soon to bring more functionality.

Trading Strategies and CoinLoan Tools

The market gives equal opportunities for both crypto optimists and skeptics. It's possible to get some profit in the growing market as well as in the falling one. CoinLoan, in turn, offers tools to implement various trading strategies.

Follow the link to explore two opposing trading strategies that complement green and red candles on the chart.

Meet Binance USD on CoinLoan

USD Binance stablecoin is now available on the CoinLoan platform as a loan asset and collateral asset.

If you feel that’s too many assets to hold in your mind, we completely understand you. As a bonus, in our recent blog post, we have a table that clearly shows how all the assets we have work in different services on CoinLoan.