CoinLoan Platform Becomes Adaptive to Mobile

2017 was the first year in the history of the internet when mobile and tablet traffic exceeded desktop worldwide. Since then, mobile usage only growth.

Charles Darwin noted that the individuals in a species that survive aren’t the strongest or smartest, but those most adaptable to change. We at CoinLoan don’t like dinosaurs example, so it’s time for us to get flexible. The CoinLoan platform becomes adaptive to mobile devices!

Most of CoinLoaners prefer to lend & borrow from their smartphones, so we made the platform convenient for users. We improve platform design, so you now can feel CoinLoan’s advanced functionality on your fingertips. Receive the best experience of using the mobile site from registration to loan managing and crypto exchange.

The CoinLoan platform is like water now. You put it into a smartphone, and it becomes a smartphone. You put it into a tablet, and it becomes a tablet. Would you like some water? 😉