CoinLoan launches partial repayment of crypto loans with no fees

CoinLoan, one of the crypto loan pioneers, has made its service more convenient for clients by allowing a partial repayment of crypto loans. This breakthrough feature has provided flexibility to borrowers who can repay a part of a loan in the denominated currency. Importantly, it entails no fees and no minimum requirements. No doubt, this feature brings digital asset management to a new level.

Be it an existing or a newly registered user – anyone can repay their loans any time they want, thus saving money on extra interest. The partial repayment feature is available in both the web platform and the mobile app.

The CoinLoan team has decided to introduce the partial repayment feature in response to their customers’ feedback. Before that, borrowers were able to either follow a fixed schedule or repay loans early in full. Now, they can choose to return a part of their loan without paying any additional fees. It serves to prove that CoinLoan is highly committed to creating a convenient and flexible environment for its clients.

The partial repayment with no extra fees is indeed an outstanding offer on the market, as most lending platforms forbid paying off loans ahead of schedule or charge high fees for that. The new feature introduced by CoinLoan helps users manage their digital assets in a way they want to. This opportunity makes crypto lending similar to ordinary banking services where every borrower can repay their loans in full or partially at any point.

Commenting on the upgrade, Evgenii Zomchak, Product Owner of CoinLoan, said: “We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers this new feature on our loan offering. We continuously look to innovate our product for the benefit of the user and the wider crypto community, and this development will help our loan customers with greater flexibility on repayments. The CoinLoan team has decades of experience in finance and technology worldwide, and we are looking to bring bank-grade services to the crypto industry.”

CoinLoan was one of the first platforms to introduce a crypto loan service. Moreover, it is the only company in the crypto lending industry that has obtained a European license. CoinLoan products such as loans and interest accounts are offered at highly competitive conditions. Specifically, the platform offers a higher-than-average APY. Both individuals and businesses can enjoy a safe and reliable service with bank-grade protection.

About CoinLoan

CoinLoan, the only crypto lending company with a European license, was launched in 2017. Its versatile platform supports loans against cryptoassets, interest accounts, and exchange. Serving both private and institutional clients, it guarantees the highest degree of protection for all.

CoinLoan stands out among competitors thanks to its attractive conditions for borrowers and lenders, including APY rates above the market average. Combined with transparent pricing and around-the-clock human support, these benefits explain CoinLoan’s impressive customer retention rates.

Users can exchange and manage a wide variety of assets, including cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and CoinLoan’s proprietary token. The company’s drive for innovation is reflected in its state-of-the-art technology and partnerships. It continuously unveils new improvements and opportunities for the benefit of crypto enthusiasts.