CoinLoan Interest Account: How to Get the Best Rates With CLT Staking

UpdateJul 8, 2021

You must have seen the offers on bank deposits, where APY tends to be far off your target. Unlike conventional rates, CoinLoan’s Interest Account offers APY up to 16%. All you need to do is deposit your funds into an Interest Account balance and watch your assets delivering gains.

We offer 5.2% or 10.3% APY, depending on the asset. For instance, the interest rate for EUR and USDT is 10.3%, and 5.2$ for BTC and ETH.

You can see all of our interest rates in the figure below.

Figure 1. CoinLoan’s interest rates for different assets

Figures on our chart surpass the previously outlined offer. That’s because the interest rates you can see above include a 2% CLT staking reward. You can get these rates just by staking our token in your Interest Account.

With every 125 CLT you stake, you will get +0.1% interest. The maximum bonus of 2% is available for staking 2500 CLT.

What Makes Our Interest Account So Great

If you are currently using our Interest Account without staking, give it a try.

With our Interest Account, you can:

  • Get a daily interest for every asset in the same currency that you chose to deposit;
  • Forget about platform fees and transfer fees;
  • Withdraw your funds at any time — we never lock your money;
  • Select the desired time period to deposit your funds: the maximum period is not limited, and the minimum is one day;
  • Start earning quickly: all you need to do is to verify yourself. Verification will take only a couple of minutes, as it’s automatic.

With CoinLoan, you can make your funds work. Let us know what you think of our product in our Telegram chat or our official social media accounts! Stay tuned for the upcoming news and updates, as we are working to make CoinLoan better every day.

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