CoinLoan Announces Beta Preview

Dear CoinLoaners,

As you know, according to the roadmap, the official launch of the platform is scheduled for Q2.

That’s why on June 30 a limited version of the platform is now presented. We’ll need to run some extensive tests and deal with some legal issues for activating the platform on a full scale.

Scroll down to find out what does “Beta Preview” mean, what makes us to open beta at first and when you’ll be able to lend & borrow on CoinLoan.

What’s Going On?

There are some issues to resolve before we can run all the processes on the platform in full. We had two options: to delay the launch or to submit a Beta Preview with limited functionality.

CoinLoan Team decided to open the platform in time in the current form. In this way you’ll get the opportunity to test the platform and we’ll be happy to get the feedback from the community.

What is more important, we value your trust and don’t want to fail our obligations. So you will see the results of our work not later than Q2 as was promoted.

This pic has nothing to do with CoinLoan 🙂
This pic has nothing to do with CoinLoan 🙂

What Do We Mean by “Beta Preview”?

A Beta Preview is scheduled for 30th of June. We will open the partlly operating platform for testing and getting familiar with it. You’ll get full access to:

  • Registration;
  • Password Recovery;
  • Account Settings;
  • KYC Verification;
  • Lending Market;
  • My Loans — temporary for preview only;
  • My Wallet — temporary for preview only.

What Prevents Us From Opening a Full-Scale Version Right Now?

  • At the moment we are waiting for an official response from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission about the operation of our platform for US citizens. Further delays were caused by an influx of inquiries.
  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has applied to organisations across the world from 25 May 2018. It caused some difficulties leading new approaches for data acquisition, storage, and processing.
  • We are concerned about security, and we need time to test, to fix bugs and other issues if there are any.

Take a Test-Drive, Help Us to Improve!

It would be beneficial to hear about your experience with CoinLoan to make it better. After you draw closer to the platform, we will propose you to join a little survey for your advice and remarks.

Stay tuned for more when we come back!
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