CLT Staking for Fixed Account – boost your interest rates by up to 1%

With our Fixed Account, you can earn up to 8.2% on stablecoins and up to 6% on crypto – these are our standard rates. But from now on, you can also enable the CLT Staking option to increase your Fixed rates: the maximum bonus rate is 1%.

How CLT Staking works on Fixed Accounts

CLT Staking is an additional option you can enable in the Fixed Account creation form and increase your Annual Rate. All the available reward options include 0.25%, 0.5%, 0.75%, and 1% bonuses.

Note: Interest is not accrued on the token. It’s used for providing bonus rates only.

How many CLTs do I need to increase my Annual Rate?

The amount of tokens you need to stake to get a higher rate depends on the selected reward option and the initial deposit. Tap the desired reward option in the creation form to see how much CLT you need to boost the rate.

For instance, your initial deposit is 5,000 XRP, and the holding period is 12 months. Then, to get a 1% reward, you need 26.8 CLT.

Can I unstake my CLT?

No. When creating a Fixed Account with the CLT Staking option, you agree that your initial deposit and CLT amount are locked up, and you can’t withdraw them until the end of the holding period.

How do I turn the CLT Staking option on?

You should go to the Create Account form and set up the parameters: enter the amount and choose the Annual Rate & Period. After clicking Continue, you will see the CLT Staking option in the new window. Enable it and choose the desired bonus option: 0.25%, 0.5%, 0.75%, or 1%.

CLT Staking option – Web platform
CLT Staking option – Web platform
CLT Staking option – Mobile app
CLT Staking option – Mobile app

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