Everyone likes improvements — including us. So we actually have some good news! We’ve made some changes on the CoinLoan Platform we think you’ll enjoy. Now check out the latest feature releases!

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Collateral Is in Your Own Hands Now

From now on, it is possible for a borrower to withdraw excess collateral from the overcollateralized active loan. In short, you can take out anything above Max LTV (60%) in case the price of crypto increases while being collateral. For instance, BTC grew up and user’s LTV became 50%. It means that the user is free to withdraw 10% of collateral.

Short-Term Loans Become Shorter

You may have noticed that in the previous development update we’ve tripled maximal loan duration, now you can lend and borrow up to three years. But we did not stop there — we’ve worked in the other direction too. It’s time to go shorter with short-time loans, what do you think? Soooo, minimum loan duration has been cut twice and now it’s seven days only.

Check Out What’s New on CoinLoan

More Currencies for CoinLoan Crypto Exchange

Have you had a chance to use our exchange yet? Test it now with a new currency! TrueUSD (TUSD) is available to be bought and sold starting from today and it’s the first but not the last stablecoin on the CoinLoan Crypto Exchange.

Check Out What’s New on CoinLoan

TUSD is a fixed price token, fully collateralized by the USD dollar, it means that you can exchange TUSD one for the other (almost 🙃) for US dollars. If you want to know why you need stablecoins on CoinLoan and how to benefit from them, find all the answers here.

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