🚨Beware of Fake Tokens🚨

We have said it in social media and many-many times answered questions about airdrops in Telegram chat. It seemed to us that everything is settled, but Mike gets more and more questions about fake tokens in Telegram chat.

It’s Time for Official Statement

Please be aware there is NO CoinLoan airdrop. All the CLTs received from airdrops are fake.

Please be careful, trust ONLY official information on our Facebook, Twitter, Telegram chat, Telegram channel & Medium and take a critical look at project news from any other sources. Never reveal your private keys to anyone as risk to lose all your funds.

We will be extremely grateful if you report about any kind of CoinLoan fake airdrops or other attempts to scam CoinLoaners.

How to Make Sure That CLTs Are Real?

Follow the link, enter your wallet address into the field “balanceOf” and press “Query” button.

Thanks for your understanding. Keep your eyes open & take care of yourself!

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