We’ve Made an Affiliate Program of Your Dreams

UpdateOct 01, 2020
We’ve Made an Affiliate Program of Your Dreams

We’ve just released a New Affiliate Program* that has no parallel in the lending market. It’s simple, it’s profitable, it offers lifetime bonuses. Brand advocates will earn their share every time their referrals use any of CoinLoan services. For Interest Account, bonuses accrue every month.

The program offers a win-win situation for both parties, bringing profit to loyal users and cashback to the newcomers. We wanted to make the program with valuable rewards that CoinLoaners would be proud to join. Check it out and let us know your thoughts!

What Is the Reward

According to the terms of the Program, advocates will earn:

  • +0.2% of every exchange amount
  • +0.2% of every loan amount
  • +0.1% monthly of every deposit to the Interest Account.

There’s no maximum revenue limit; the more friends you invite, the more bonuses you get. There’s no time limit as well. Rewards would accumulate as long as your referrals keep using the platform. Moreover, you can motivate them using your link, offering a cashback.

How to Use CoinLoan Affiliate Program

1. Create your link

You can create up to 10 invitational links in the Affiliate Program tab.

2. Invite your friends

As soon as they register on the platform via your link, they become your referrals.

3. Earn lifelong bonuses

Every time your referrals use one of CoinLoan’s services, you earn your share.

4. Take your earnings

Your referral bonuses convert into USDC and go automatically into your CoinLoan Wallet. From there, you can make them work on our platform or withdraw whenever you want.

You Earn, Your Friends Save

When creating an invitational link, you can share with referrals one quarter or one half of the reward. The one joining the platform via a bonus link will earn cashback with each use of Instant Loans and Crypto Exchange during the following six months.

P. S.

If that happened that you still have no CoinLoan account, sign up using the following link.

Stay tuned, more updates on CoinLoan Affiliate Program are coming soon! 😜

* Program terms may change, so please stay tuned.


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