Hi, CoinLoan community, we have another update for you! Since were the last ones who have made a significant progress, but there’s more to come. Scroll down to see the main highlights.

17.05.2018: The CoinLoan Monthly Update

UI Preview

Well, to begin with, the CoinLoan platform development will be closed soon and yesterday we have shown you some pics of CoinLoans’ user interface. We really like it, and you seem to like it, too! It was a pleasure to receive a lot of positive feedback.

17.05.2018: The CoinLoan Monthly Update

Click on the link in our Twitter to view the screenshots in detail and feel free to share your opinion, we really want to know what you think.

Developing New Partnerships

Our loan applications will appear in Welltrado’s aggregator via the API integration, that gives CoinLoan a great chance to get additional investments.

CoinLoan is going to be one of the first services listed on MaxData as soon as the platform is launched. This will happen in 2019 Q1, according to their roadmap.


Another day, another exciting event! CoinLoan team visited Zero-In Conference in Amsterdam. It caught our memory by industrial interiors, inspiring speeches, promising meetings and productive networking.

Mike had a nice conversation about the CoinLoan platform with Wessel Simons, local media representative🙂