Have you noticed how weekly updates turned into fortnight and now in monthly ones? Doesn’t this mean that the reports will be annually going forward?🤔

Spoiler: news about exchanges are in the next episode
Spoiler: news about exchanges are in the next episode

The Dark Side of the Moon

The CoinLoan Team is working toward a common goal and never breathes a word about the process. Developers make their best to launch the platform as soon as possible. The legal team is working hard on CoinLoan’s legal structure to operate as a licensed payment institution. All of them promise to share the results and ask not to bother them underway towards. 🙄

Nevertheless, we’ve shaken some worthwhile news out and will go on like this to keep the community informed.

Friendship With WellTrado

Headline news! CoinLoan developed a partnership with Welltrado, a global alternative investment marketplace. Loan applications from CoinLoan will appear in Welltrado’s aggregator, that gives us a great chance to get additional investments. This story deserves special attention, so all the details on Welltrado platform and mutual benefit move to the next post. Stay tuned!

13.04.2018: The CoinLoan Monthly Update

Road Show Must Go On!


In a few days’ time, Mike returned from #C3CryptoConference in Berlin. Find out more about that super fruitful networking days on our Twitter.


Shortly before Alex and Mike presented CoinLoan at #BBConfIsrael, Tel Aviv. We’ve prepared a short trip review and summarized some advice on first-class networking. 👇



CLTeam is going to pitch the project in Amsterdam next week! Come to see us and discuss any lending issues on Zero-in Conference on April 19.

13.04.2018: The CoinLoan Monthly Update

CoinLoan Survey

During the last two weeks, you guys proved that you are the best community in Crypto World. We asked you to share your lending requirements so we can provide the perfect service for you. And we collected several hundred replies in a few days. We are over the moon and preparing a Big Report for you.

Last chance join the survey. 👇


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