07.31.2019: CoinLoan’s Monthly Update

July is coming to an end, meaning it is time to take stock of the main developments that happened this month. Plus, looking back at accomplishments is even better when there is so much to review!

Let’s dive into CoinLoan’s main highlights from July.

CoinLoan Collaborates With Ontology

We always strive to make it to new markets and gain access to new currencies. Establishing fruitful partnerships is a great way to get your service in front of a significant number of new customers!

Our collaboration with Ontology is expected to help both companies, who are working from different perspectives, pursue a common goal; together, we want to push the boundaries of blockchain as well as crypto adoption and use.

In essence, the partnership means CoinLoan now lists ERC-20 and OEP-4 standard Paxos stablecoin (PAX) as well as Ontology coins (ONT) on our lending platform.

Revolutionary Developments on CoinLoan’s Crypto Exchange

This July, CoinLoan introduced an essential feature on the CoinLoan platform. From now on, you have the opportunity to buy CoinLoan tokens (CLT) on the crypto exchange.

Since top-tier exchanges are charging pricey listing fees, and our current harbors don’t look reliable enough, the CLT-buying update seemed to be a smart decision. Now, you have a straightforward, convenient way to save 50% on platform fees when you use CLT.

Read more here.

CoinLoan Welcomes Bitcoin Cash Onto Our List of Cryptocurrencies

The CoinLoan team never stops working on broadening its cryptocurrency list. This month, we started accepting Bitcoin cash (BCH) to provide users another way to unlock the value of their BCH assets without selling them.

Now, users can deposit BCH into their CoinLoan accounts as they do with Bitcoin (BTC). However, unlike BTC, BCH can only be used as collateral, as it is not currently available for lending and borrowing. Find BCH in the My Wallet tab today!

Read more details about what you can do with BCH.

CoinLoan Announces GUSD Delisting

We make sure to only list coins with high market circulation. As GUSD no longer meets this criterion, CoinLoan has decided to delist GUSD.

On August 1st, CoinLoan will be removing GUSD from its stablecoin list on the lending platform and crypto exchange. If you have deposited GUSD on the CoinLoan platform, please make sure to withdraw your GUSD coins before September 1st.

Read more about the GUSD delisting here.

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