07.02.2019: CoinLoan’s Monthly Update

June is already over, which means that the time has come to talk about the big picture. Scroll down to learn more about the main milestones we achieved in June!

CoinLoan Enters the Crypto-to-Crypto Lending Market

“Can I borrow Bitcoin on the CoinLoan platform?” has been one of our most frequently-asked-questions for some time. Previously, we had to answer, “Not yet.” Then, we added stablecoins and expanded our answer to “Not really, but TUSD, GUSD, and USDC are always at your service.”

However, the day has finally come where we can proudly say, “YES”. Read our blog post to find out how borrowing crypto on the CoinLoan platform works.

The crypto-to-crypto update was released a few weeks ago, and platform users showed considerable interest. Judging by the number of loans issued, crypto-lending is in high demand in the crypto community.

Paxos Standard Token (PAX) on CoinLoan

We welcomed Paxos to the stableсoin list! As of now, ERC-20 PAX stablecoin has been available on CoinLoan for two weeks.

Further, in the upcoming development update, we’re adding an OEP-4 PAX standard and ONT token. Both currencies will be available on the CoinLoan crypto exchange in trading pairs with EUR.

LinkedIn’s “Binance” Scam Survey

Read about how CoinLoan discovered a scammer! The story unfolds on May 18th, 2019, when CoinLoan received an official “Binance” listing confirmation email.

However, we needed to go back a few weeks to the initial proposal to figure out if this “Binance” representative was who he claimed to be.

CoinLoan in Media

The last month was fruitful for us in terms of media presence. Below are two of our favorite pieces. Check them out!

  • CoinLoan was featured in the Disruptor Daily’s new “Blockchain In Lending” series, where they interview the world’s opinion leaders on the front lines of the intersections between blockchain and lending. In this article, Alex Faliushin, CoinLoan CEO, presents his point of view on blockchain lending.
  • The next publication we’d like to share is a detailed review of the CoinLoan platform by Value Nomad. We strongly recommended that CoinLoan users read the article!

Focus on Business Events

A significant highlight that happened in June revolved around big news in the crypto world. Binance held their first-ever Binance Elite Investor League meetup in Moscow, Russia. CoinLoan was honored that we got to attend the event.

Our Mike Rozhko, CoinLoan’s Chief Business Development Officer, gave a presentation at TallinTalks, Estonia. It was a success!

We are working hard to bring new, exciting features to the CoinLoan platform. Stay tuned!

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