02.11.2018: The CoinLoan Monthly Update

Welcome to the CoinLoan report on the results of the month. Over the past four weeks, we have significantly expanded the list of fiat currencies, did our best to make loans even smoother for you and continued our Road Tour all around Europe to introduce the project to a new audience.

Appreciate USD & GBP on CoinLoan

We’ve added SWIFT, that enables to deposit and withdraw EUR, USD, GBP and RUB directly and easily on the CoinLoan platform. It was worth the wait! Finally, you can use SWIFT to lend and borrow using a wide variety of currencies.

Here is how it works.

AdvCash Payment Method Is Available on CoinLoan

However, as an alternative to SWIFT, it is possible now to deposit and withdraw fiat funds using AdvCash.

We’ve chosen AdvCash as a payment method because it is faster than conventional money transfers, cheaper than a regular bank account and easier to use than other payment systems.

Follow the link to find out what AdvCash is and how it works, including the steps you need to follow in order to deposit fiat to CoinLoan through AdvCash, also about the currencies available and how to deposit and withdraw them.

CoinLoan Pushes the Limits

We want to give everyone an opportunity to lend or borrow according to his/her current needs, whether for a small short-term loan or a big deal. That’s why the minimum loan amount has been reduced to 100 EUR/USD.

For clients’ convenience, we increased the number of staff and integrated some new features on the platform such as live chat. So if you have any difficulties when using the platform, you can chat with us immediately.

Moreover, we’ve prepared a two-minute guide that consists of everything you need to know about how to borrow on CoinLoan.

Little Updates to Make Life Easier

In the case where your verification request was rejected by our Compliance Team, you won’t fill in all the gaps during the next attempts anymore. From now on, the system will fill your data automatically.

We’ve also made a great number of frontend optimization and hope to continue in this direction.

What About Events?

CoinLoan Team attended Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm on September 11. Co-founder & CEO of CoinLoan, Alex Faliushin and Business Development Manager, Mike Rozhko had a pretty nice turnout at the CoinLoan booth :)

We have also developed a roadmap for November. Preparations for next events are well underway, we’re looking forward to seeing you! Check out next stops on our tour.

What Is Next?

There are two major updates to come in the near term.

We’ve recently updated CoinLoan’s landing page and are also going to redesign it from scratch for marketing purposes.

Some important functional features are being prepared for launch. All that’s left is to test them and consider interface solutions.

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