01.09.2018: The CoinLoan Fortnight Update

Hey all, the great news is coming! We are happy to present you some updates we implemented on the CoinLoan platform for the last two weeks.

More Cryptoassets Supported

You probably know that Bitcoin is the most requested cryptocurrency among community members.

Well, now it is possible to use Bitcoin and Litecoin as a collateral! Deposit and Withdraw buttons next to this currencies became active in Lending Market today. Isn’t that awesome?

It is probably impossible to include all currencies in the world to the platform, but no one said we wouldn’t try 🙂
Our next major goal is to add USD to fiat currencies list. Let’s just say it’s complicated. Despite everything, we are working for you to lend and borrow in fiat dollars as soon as possible.

If you have ideas about the next fiat or cryptocurrency we should add, let us know in the Telegram group!

Delays Overcoming

In addition to the updates mentioned, processing of ETH, CLT and TUSD depositing has been accelerated. In case if you’ve met some delays earlier, now everything is running instantly in real time.

CLT Is Listed on Blockfolio

We are pleased to inform that CLT is available on Blockfolio, #1 cryptocurrency portfolio management app.


A few users had some troubles with uploading documents for verification. We have fixed everything so that now the verification process goes smoothly for everyone.

Frontend Update

Redesigning of Lending Market pages made them more comfortable for end-users. From now on, it is possible to sort lending and borrowing applications in Lending Market by interest rate or loan amount.

01.09.2018: The CoinLoan Fortnight Update

Roadshow Next Stops

CoinLoan team continues to present the project at the major events all over the world. So what’re our next stops?

Visit our booth and say hello to Alex, Mike and Max! For scheduling a meeting, please contact Mike in Telegram, LinkedIn or via email.

Thanks for reading! Have a suggestion for further updates? Let us know in our Telegram Chat or via email: support@coinloan.io.

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