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European Financial License
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Why Choose CoinLoan?

Fully regulated

CoinLoan is a regulated financial institution. The company complies with the current European and international financial regulations.

5 years on the market

CoinLoan is the oldest crypto lending provider. Our company survived a series of market crashes and crypto winters, overcoming technical and financial challenges.

Complete security

CoinLoan stores clients' assets securely with $250M insurance, featuring bank-grade crypto vaults, wallet segregations, offline key storage, and comprehensive transaction checks.

Support with human face

Our customer support team consists of real people, not robots. The team works directly with the clients via online chat, email, and social networks.

Earn interest | CoinLoan

Earn Interest

Store your assets and make them work.
Earn Now
Fixed Account
  • Up to 9.2% p.a.
  • Various fixed terms
  • Longer period, higher rate
  • Control the expected yield
Flexible Account
  • Up to 6.2% APY
  • No lock-up
  • Daily accruals
  • Monthly compound

Get a Loan

Borrow funds against your crypto for any needs.
Borrow Now
  • From 5.5% APR
  • Up to 70% LTV
  • No paperwork or credit history checks
  • Early repayment with no penalty
  • Repayment with collateral option
  • Instant loan approval
Get a loan | CoinLoan
Buy, sell & swap | CoinLoan

Buy, Sell & Swap

Exchange your assets in a couple of clicks.
Exchange Now
  • 200+ currency pairs
  • Competitive exchange rates
  • No exchange commissions
  • No network fees
  • Instant execution
  • Easy-to-use interface

Store Your Assets

Securely park your funds using a reliable service.
Open Account
  • 25+ assets
  • Wire transfer of EUR, and GBP
  • Variety of supported blockchains
  • Free withdrawals secured by address book
  • Certified custodian with $250 million insurance
  • Account statements for reporting
Store your assets | CoinLoan

Our customers say “Excellent”

Score 4.2 based on 300+ reviews
1 year ago
CoinLoan has been treating me well at all times.
I have never experienced any problems with them and I continue trusting and being with them for the time being. Name a service that gives you 10% on USD holdings. I hold meaningful amounts and this serves as my passive income pocket.
Sven Nuum
1 year ago
CoinLoan saved me - TWICE!
CoinLoan has been a lifesaver for me - TWICE now. First, I was in a position where I needed some extra funds, and they made it very easy for me to get what I needed quickly after providing some crypto collateral. There were there for me in a time of need which I will never forget!
Jason Curella
2 years ago
CoinLoan is not a scam as some people…
CoinLoan is not a scam as some people are saying. I've been using their platform for several years without any issues. They are fully regulated platform. The recent limit of $5k withdraw per day is frustrating but I believe they are trying to protect customers until the crypto market recovers- which I'm sure it will.
Penn Allen
2 years ago
CoinLoan has been excellent
I have used CoinLoan for FIAT earning for around 18 months. Always worked well, reliably, transfers prompt when requested funds back. I have even contacted support a few times who were quick and friendly but also very knowlegable when I asked more complicated questions. For me full marks and one of the best interest rates in the industry.
Jamie NS
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Find answers to all your questions about CoinLoan in our Help Center. We have plenty of instructional posts and helpful hints on how to manage assets in a safe and smart way.
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