CoinLoan is a P2P lending platform for cryptoassets backed loans.
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Verified Borrowers (KYC/AML)
Bank Grade Security
Collateral Monitoring System
European Financial License: FFA000241
According to our Policy, users accept the risk of lending and borrowing on CoinLoan.
How it Works
Advantages for Lenders
Minimal Risks
Full Repayment of funds for the loans that were given including the interest without delays. The collateral automatic monitoring system.
Worldwide Coverage
International audience of borrowers removes borders in granting loans.
No Limits
The minimum loan amount is 50 USD, and the maximum amount and number of active loans is limited only by your budget.
Variety of Currencies
The loan can be given in any available currency.
No Obstacles
Any individual or legal entity can become a lender without any licenses.
Reliability and Safety
Fully legal status and protected infrastructure ensure the security of funds. The company is licensed in Europe as a financial institution.
Advantages for Borrowers
Preserving Cryptoassets
Now there is no need to sell cryptoassets if you need fiat money.
Convenient Ways of Depositing/Withdrawing Funds
Loans can be quickly withdrawn by a bank transfer or to any bank card.
No Credit Checks
There is no need to check out the credit history and prove your payment capacity.
Flexible Lending Terms and Conditions
Individual estimation of risks and selection of lending terms and conditions allow getting a loan under optimum terms and conditions.
Variety of Fiat Currencies
Loans can be obtained in any available currency.
Supporting Popular Cryptoassets
It is possible to use such popular cryptoassets as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. as the loan collateral.
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