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  • CoinLoan is an innovative European P2P platform for loans secured by cryptoassets that brings together traditional lending system and cryptocurrency technology. The service was created to connect borrowers who want to receive fast fiat money without selling cryptoassets and lenders who wish to earn interest with minimal risk.

How It Works
  • CoinLoan's high-frequency monitoring system allows to follow the market situation on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in real time. This allows to borrow up to 70% of the crypto value and liquidate collateral immediately only if its price drops to a critical level.

  • This mechanism protects lenders from the loss of their investments, while the borrowers can make the most of their crypto's value.

ICO 2018
Generating the idea.
Evaluating the market and development potential.
2017 Q1-
2017 Q3
Launching the development. Preparing for the ICO. Performing the Pre-sale.
Holding the ICO. Expanding the staff. Developing the company's legal structure. Obtain the required license.
Completion of developing the platform core.
Official launch of the platform.
Developing mobile apps for iOS & Android. (in the process)
(shift to 2020 & B2B model)
Licensing and entering the Asian market. Developing API to integrate large financial institutions.
Buy/sell crypto feature added.
Team and product services expansion. Crypto-to-crypto loans added.
Launching the B2B platform development.
Licensing and entering the Asian market.
Global EMI Licence Representative office in Asia.
35 B2B clients & 100,000 P2P registered users.
120 B2B clients & 200,000 P2P registered users.
Total members: 16

Position: Co-Founder and CEO/CFO

Alex Faliushin is an entrepreneur with 8-years experience in Finances and IT. He specializes in international payment solutions, organizing of acceptance and processing payments in high-risk industries. Alex is absorbed into fintech and blockchain technologies.

Position: Co-Founder and CTO

Max Sapelov has over ten years of experience in technology and finance, especially in cybersecurity, cryptography and software development. He made the first transaction with cryptocurrency in 2012 so after that deeply involved in fintech and blockchain technologies.

Position: Chief Business Development

Mike Rozhko has 11 years of experience in business development and different commercial projects (Real Estate, Marketing, Consulting, IT). Crypto enthusiast, speaker and attendee of many blockchain events worldwide. Eco-activist (eco-friendly business and recycling).

Position: Chief Product Officer

Dmitrijs Rozvadovskis has a professional experience that includes over 19 years’ of information services and applications development. Dmitrijs is leading the strategy and the development of CoinLoan products across global markets.

Position: Chief Marketing Officer

Andrejs Cumakovs is a Fintech Visionary with more than 10 years of hands-on experience in marketing & business development, team management. Andrejs is a certified SCRUM product owner.

Position: Head of Legal

Aleksandra Shelepova is an experienced legal adviser with a demonstrated history of working in the corporate/tax/IT services industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Customer Service, Risk Management, and Corporate Finance. A strong legal professional with a Master's degree focused on Business Law.

Position: Public Relations Officer

Dmitry Kryshtal is a 7 years experienced T shaped marketer with a focus on creativity and strategy. Last 3 years he was working with crypto-related projects related to fintech and logistics. Opinion leader. Radio host. Public speaker.

About IEO
Despite all markets' shocks and shakes, CoinLoan completed everything promised and did even more.
Token priceToken QTY
Listing IEO-1$3.20500,000

- All Token QTY. (ICO+IEO) 2,450,000 CLT

- Total IEO fundraising amount: $1,500,000

Why the price of a token should grow for end-users:

- CLT token is used as collateral and as investment opportunity on a par with BTC, ETH and LTC;

- CoinLoan allows customers to buy B2B SaaS and WL licenses with a 50% discount when paying with a CLT token;

- CoinLoan allows SaaS and WL customers to pay monthly license maintenance with a 50% discount when paying with a CLT token;

- The company allows you to pay commissions on the P2P platform with a 50% discount when paying with the CLT token.

CLT Token Financial Data
CoinLoan Token | CLT | ERC20 | Utility |
General Emission Information22,000,000
ICO Open Date26.11.2017
ICO Closing Date14.02.2018
Number of Tokens in Cirulation (not emissioned, but sold), pcs.1,950,000
Number of Lenders~2,500
Number of Lenders Owning More Than 10% of Emissioned Tokens2
The Amount of Attracted Capital in USD due to ICO (in USD / BTC / ETH)~3,300,000
Price of Placed Tokens at ICO (in USD / BTC / ETH)1$ - 550,000
2% - 1,400,000
Last Closing Price2$
Max. / Min. Token Price for the Last Three Months0.05$ / 2.8$