Get a Loan Backed by Your Chainlink

Unlock your LINK’s value without having to sell.

Interest Rate4.95%
Origination Fee10 EUR
Total Loan Cost
1,034.75 EUR

What is Chainlink?

Chainlink (LINK) is a blockchain-based middleware for connecting smart contracts to external data sources such as data feeds, web APIs, etc. The Chainlink team has created a network of nodes that transmit information to and from the blockchain and are a part of smart contract infrastructure. This blockchain middleware ensures that Chainlink oracles can now provide crucial information without compromising on decentralization or security. Such info can comprise prices, event results, or links to traditional payment systems.

Chainlink Loans | Get a LINK Backed Credit on CoinLoan

Who Created LINK?

The cryptocurrency was launched in 2017 by Cayman Islands-based fintech company SmartContract Chainlink Ltd SEZC. This decentralized oracle network is run by its CEO Sergey Nazarov, with the help of the international project team and several advisors.

Chainlink Loans | Get a LINK Backed Credit on CoinLoan

How Chainlink Works?

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network made up of data buyers and data providers. Buyers request specific data, and providers safely supply it. To add assurance, data providers block a certain percentage of Link tokens when they post a data supply proposal. Thus, these tokens can be confiscated should the supplier act dishonestly. Chainlink uses the oracle reputation system to collect and evaluate the data provided. If the data meet the requirements, suppliers receive the award.

Chainlink Loans | Get a LINK Backed Credit on CoinLoan

How to Buy Chainlink?

When investing in cryptocurrency, it is important for a user to opt for a reliable exchange and not to lose money on high commissions. Beginners can avoid many mistakes by choosing the right exchange and following simple rules.

You can buy LINK on CoinLoan Crypto Exchange via SEPA, SWIFT or Visa/Mastercard.

Chainlink Loans | Get a LINK Backed Credit on CoinLoan

Three Steps to Give Borrowing a Shot

  • Verify Yourself

    We need to get to know you, these are the rules of the financial market. The verification process is automatic and takes a couple of minutes to complete.

  • Deposit Collateral

    You may use crypto, stablecoins or even fiat as a collateral asset. It will be held at our custodian and returned safely to you as soon as you repay your loan.

  • Get Your Loan

    Choose the desired loan term and amount, and get your money instantly — no credit checks, no paperwork or waiting for the approval.

CoinLoan Stands on Safety

Our imperative is zero-incident safety. We’re constantly raising the bar for our security standards so that users can sleep well.

Stay Safe with CoinLoan
    • Insured Custodian
    • Vulnerability Scans
    • Protected Infrastructure
    • Strict Access Recovery Policy
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Fast Customer Support
    • Security Alerts
    • Bug Bounty Program
    • CCSS Compliance
    • Cold Crypto Storage
    • Biometric Authentication

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