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Unlock your cryptoassets value without selling it.

Use your crypto as collateral to get a loan without credit checks.

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Crypto as Collateral

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No Credit Checks

Supporting Cryptoassets

Variety of Fiat Currencies, Cryptocurrecies and Stablecoins

How to Start

Get money without selling your crypto

  • Sign Up on CoinLoan the Platform

    Create an account and complete the KYC procedure to start using a full range of CoinLoan services.

  • Choose Appropriate Loan Conditions

    Select your interest rate, loan currency, term and desired loan amount. The higher the interest rate, the faster your application will be accepted by the lender.

  • Create a Loan Request

    Generate a request or check CoinLoan Lending Market and accept a suitable loan offer to borrow immediately.

How It Works

To get 100,000 EUR with the Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio 60%, you'll need to deposit ~ 26 BTC.

Because each loan is asset-backed, there is no need to run a credit check. You can pay-off your loan whenever you want, or you can continue to pay on a monthly basis.

Secure, simple and available.

Start Borrowing
LTV and Margin Call

Loan-to-Value (LTV) refers to a ratio between your loan amount and collateral market value.

Lower LTV means you have a safety bag. In case of a market fall, your crypto is not likely to be liquidated to secure a lender's investment.

Higher LTV means that you will have to act fast in case of an extraordinary market situation.

In case of critical changes in your cryptocollateral value, you'll get an email notification.

In this case, you can repay the loan or add extra collateral. If you do nothing and the situation is a matter of necessity, your cryptoassets will be sold.

Your Back-Up Plan
The lower LTV, the safer your cryptoasset in case of market value drop.
You'll get email notifications if your collateral market value decreases.
Options to Address
To protect your crypto in case of market fall, you can make early loan repayment or add extra collateral to decrease LTV.