How to Use AdvCash Payment Method on CoinLoan

AdviceOct 19, 2018

Two weeks ago we announced an extension of the fiat currency list available on the platform. Now it is possible to deposit USD, EUR, GBP and RUB using AdvCash payment system. For these two weeks we found out that CoinLoaners are cautious about depositing money through a third party website and require explanations.

So it’s high time we provide some explanations! In this post we will tell you what AdvCash is and how it works, including the steps you need to follow in order to deposit fiat to CoinLoan through AdvCash, also about the currencies available and how to deposit and withdraw them. Let’s get started.

Why Do We Need AdvCash on CoinLoan?

In the nearest future, it’ll be possible to deposit USD, EUR and GBP directly to the CoinLoan platform using the SWIFT payments.

Until then AdvCash payment system enables fast money transfers in different currencies with convenient deposit and withdrawal methods. We’ve chosen this alternative because AdvCash is faster than conventional money transfers, cheaper than a regular bank account and easier to use than other payment systems.

How Does It Work?

To deposit your fiat on the CoinLoan platform, you can register a wallet on AdvCash and replenish your account using the currency that works best for you and exchange it if necessary. Choose from USD, GBP, EUR, RUB, UAH, KZT, and BRL.

Deposit methods are pretty diverse. You are free to use bank cards, wire transfer, local bank transfers, internet banking and e-currencies. Click on the screenshot to see the complete list of deposit methods.

When everything is ready, you can deposit your money to the CoinLoan platform with 1–2 clicks.

Please note that AdvCash is unavailable for USA citizens.

Now It Makes More Sense, Right?

We hope that you’ll be able to get along with AdvCash because it’s really helpful and if not — SWIFT is not far off 😉

We’re always glad to answer your questions! If you have anything to ask, please write us at

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